Back in December 2015, I received my Junior Black Belt which was a huge accomplishment for me and was very exciting.  Since then I worked hard to my Senior Black belt 1 ½ years after and now very excited to receive my 1st degree. I am proud of myself to accomplish this goal.

I have grown in different ways at each level. I have physically gotten stronger practicing during the classes and conditioning my body. One thing I do at home is balance on an exercise ball to make my core stronger. I have gained confidence in trying new things like a back flip in the Master Club and trusting the sensei’s on helping me out. I was very nervous the first time I tried the back flip but with the practice I was able to accomplish it. I had the biggest smile on my face once I did it with just a spotter and now I can do it on my own. Being in the harder classes and volunteering to do a kata or a move in front of a karate class is also helping me gain the confidence in school with raising my hand to answer questions in all of my classes. I am determined to do my best in everything I try from now on.

I have learned that being a black belt means that the younger students will look up to me doing my katas and following what the sensei says. By this it shows the younger students what is expected and I have a responsibility to lead by example. With all the confidence I gained, I am now helping out volunteering my time to help teach the younger classes at AmeriKick in Langhorne. It was really hard at first but with the guidance of the lead sensei, my confidence grew being in front of the class. I lead with a positive attitude and show confidence in what I do so the students know that is what is expected from the sensei. I have taken the skills that I have learned in my black belt classes and put them into my everyday life.  I have learned to work more on my self-confidence, perseverance and focusing on what the task I am doing.

Without the sensei’s and my parents pushing me and not giving up on me, I would not be where I am at today. I want to thank my parents for driving me to classes and pushing me to do them even when there were days I did not want to go. I have learned that as you practice and the more you practice the better I can get in the harder things I do.