In my eyes a black belt is respectful, strong, courageous, trustworthy and responsible.  These are some of the reasons why I want to be an outstanding black belt.  I like to help out the younger kids learning their katas and stances.  I know I am still too young, but maybe when I am older I can lead my own class.  It could even become a part time job when I get to high school.

My next reason why I would like to be a black belt is to keep learning more advanced Kempo techniques.  No matter what age you are, karate is a sport for you.  It is good for your physical health and conditioning along with mental health.  With so many different disciplines (Kempo, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Jujitsu) it may take a lifetime to master, but I have the time.

When people think karate they think swords, bow staffs, nunchaku, commas, and fans.  They also think of blocking, punching and kicking, but I have learned it is more than just that.  The word Karate means open handed fighting but people get that wrong it’s not to hurt others it’s used to save yourself and others from danger.  Karate can help you out of a tough spot be it a full nelson, a headlock, punch, or kick.  It teaches us to only use karate for self-defense and not revenge.   Another reason that I want to be a black belt is to encourage other kids to learn self-defense so they know what to do in case of danger.

One more reason why I would like to be a black belt is that I never gave up even when the going got tough.  Like Sensei always says “a black belt is a white belt that never quits”.  Another quote I have learned is “we are dedicated (5 years), educated (countless classes), motivated (getting up at 8 am on a Saturday for Black belt Demo) on a quest to be the best”.  Giving up is not what karate stands for.  It stands for courage, bravery and finishing what you started.  No matter what challenge I face I have learned that I can reach any goal that I set for myself.

Karate is also a way to bring out my creativity.  I enjoy creating new katas and routines, especially ones set to music.  I love competing at tournaments individually and on both the color and black belt demo teams.  Karate taught me how to be part of a team.

Another reason I would love to become a black belt is to keep up with something I love and is my passion.  Karate means the world to me and I would hate to see that change.  Karate has taught me a lot of different things but the one thing I have learned that really stands out is you are tough no matter what.  I still have a lot to learn, but that’s ok.  I get to learn from amazing Sensei’s, Sempai’s, and other fellow students.