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What Black Belt Means To Me by Mary Fey

Receiving a black belt would mean everything to me. I’ve been doing karate for about 5 years, and I’ve always put a lot of time and effort into it. Through the past 2 years of being a red belt, it has taught me a lot about patience. The patience of waiting for a black belt. […]

What black belt means to me by Meghan Laster

When I began this journey, getting a black belt was not my intention. I had been taking my kids to Amerikick Delran for classes and I decided to take classes for some exercise. It was a gradual transition from there. Each belt was an accomplishment. I have enjoyed the classes and working out with my […]

What I Have Learned From Being A Black Belt by Joshua Rehn

When you get your black belt it is just the beginning. The moment it touches your hands, you feel like a master,but it’s not that easy. You have to continue to earn it everyday. You have to go through the pain,the tears,and the glory before you get your black belt. You have to continuously and […]

What I’ve Learned Since I got my Black Belt by James Kennedy

Since I’ve gotten my black belt I’ve learned that I still have to learn, not even just the katas and techniques. I can learn to teach lower belts more. I can learn new sparing strategies/techniques, and of course I need to remember all of my old curriculum, my nine katas, forty techniques, and all my […]

What a Black Belt Means to Me by Vivian Zarallo (10 years old)

All of these years I have been training and working up to my black belt. The ingredients of a black belt are blood, sweat and tears. I went from white belt up to red belt working and preparing for my black belt. Getting your first black belt is a once in a lifetime chance and […]

What a Black Belt Means to Me by Theo Molot

What a black belt means to me? I had to think about this. When I was five, I hated karate because my parents forced me to do it. Later I realized I enjoyed karate and working towards my next belt. I always felt a sense of achievement when I got to the next belt because […]

What earning a black belt means to me by George Leigh

I’ve been asked to describe what earning a black belt means to me. First, it will let me know I’m a warrior. I’ll know that I can fight and I can stand up for myself when I need to. Having this feeling would make me proud of myself for achieving this goal. This also means […]

What a Black Belt Meant to me by Tyler Derby

I’ve been doing karate for a little more than nine years at Amerikick Langhorne. I am senior black belt and part of the demo team. Karate has made me push myself through tough situations and become stronger. At karate I have learned many things, especially in the last couple of years since I have been […]

What I have learned as a black belt by Anna Lu

I can recall the moment I received my white belt. By that time I was already obsessed with the idea of receiving my black belt. Later, I achieved my goal received my black belt after six years. Between those two points in time, I have learned many things. However, the time from when I received […]

What a Black Belt Means to Me by Alek Stein

I started taking karate lessons when I was 5 years old. I went to Amerikick Karate through my school at Trinity Learning Center (TLC). Often, after Kindergarten, I’d go to the gym at TLC and take karate with Sensei Kim and my school friends. At first, I really wanted to learn karate because I thought […]

What a Black Belt Means to Me by Samara Landais

Martial arts is not just a form of self defense, it is a way of life. You must be the same person you are inside and outside of the dojo. Following this way of life has improved aspects of me. My body is healthier, I have become more studious, I have more respect, I am […]

What A Black Belt Means to Me by Michael Dubler

Hello, my name is Michael Dubler and I have been going to AmeriKick for about seven years now. I am currently a red belt testing for my junior black belt in May 2019. I am going to tell you what a black belt means to me and what it would be like to have a […]

What A Black Belt Means To Me by Jace Chila

A black belt is a white belt that never quit.¨ This is a quote that I’ve seen painted on my dojo’s walls for the past 5 years, and I have learned many life lessons from it. In karate you can learn a lot, and as a black belt you should know all of these things […]

What A Black Belt Means To Me by Connor Baily

Being a black belt means to me that I have gone through very hard challenges. I had to do push ups, sit-ups, burpees, and many more to get to the level of the black belt. Also being a black belt means to me that I have gotten stronger and stronger throughout the years. Being a […]

Junior Black Belt Essay by Xander Stutzman

Karate is something I can go do for fun, and while it’s fun, I can also be learning important things like how to protect yourself or having a better amount of flexibility. There are many things that karate can help you do in life, and a few of them can even save your life. Karate […]

What Becoming a Black belt means to me by Rick Miles

The adventure to my black belt began about four and a half years ago. My daughter Joselyn, now a jr. Black belt, wanted to begin her career as a ninja. After some quick google searches my wife found a deal for classes and a free uniform, so we signed up our kids. I figured we […]

What a black belt means to me by Aidan Pryor

I have been a member of Amerikick Martial Arts since I was 3 ½ years old. Over the last 8 years of my black belt journey, I have been building my self-defense skills and have incorporated the black belt principles of modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, and self-discipline into my daily life. Being a […]

What a black belt means to me by Taylor Greiner

In my eyes a black belt is respectful, strong, courageous, trustworthy and responsible. These are some of the reasons why I want to be an outstanding black belt. I like to help out the younger kids learning their katas and stances. I know I am still too young, but maybe when I am older I […]