Jon Braxton

Sensei Jon started his Martial Arts training at Amerikick North Penn at the age of 7. He earned his Junior Black Belt in June, 2016 and is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt. Jon trains in Boxing, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. He excels in Sparring and has earned several Bronze and Silver medals in AKL Sparring Competitions. His goal is to return to Sparring Competition to earn the Gold Medal.

Jon became a member of the Amerikick Leadership Team in 2016. Since then, he has become both an Assistant and Lead instructor for our Tigers/Dragons and Youth Karate Classes. His teaching style encompasses a strong focus on students learning strong, sharp technique. Jon also enjoys teaching sparring to our advanced Youth Karate Students.

In addition to his role as Assistant/Lead Instructor, Jon is also one of our Summer Camp Team Leaders and Assistant Lead Coach of the Amerikick North Penn Tigers/Dragons Demo Team. He is a great Role Model to our Younger students. Jon is also a member of the Amerikick North Penn Black Belt Demo Team.

Outside of Amerikick, Jon attends North Penn High School. He has an interest in pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Engineering.