As a person who is nearing black belt testing, I can say that black belt can mean a multitude of things. Not just an individual concept or meaning of success, but a way to sink in all your hard work and take pride in it. Memorizing and mastering all the necessary karate skills are important, but having a passion for perfecting and controlling your skills is much for valuable to me. Black belt is a phenomenal goal and something to be proud of. In my opinion, I believe that black belt shouldn’t be “a black belt” because black belt isn’t an object, rather an impressive achievement in your life that represents resilience, an endeavor, and confidence. These virtues help me in every obstacle that stands in my way.

Karate, for some people, can be a way to de-stress. For example, you come back from a long day. You are very tired and stressed about things. To help feel better, you work on some karate. Working on karate can help keep your mind off of stressful subjects that are sensitive to you. You might come back from school with a ton of work to do. Spending just 5 to 10 minutes on karate can help keep you balanced and calm. As I am closing in to black belt testing. Getting black belt has always been a goal of mine ever since I had joined karate. If I’m being honest, there were times that I felt like quitting because of the challenges, I feel a lot more empowered and resilient to get black belt now. My sensei’s used to tell me the story of how black belt has come to how we all know. Their used to be  someone with a belt that was white. He trained for many years until one day all his sweat made the belt become black. I believe this fable should be told to every white belt just like it was told to me. Another important aspect I think that every person aiming for black belt should be to no matter what, never quit. Quitting will never get you to your goal, and when you finally succeed you will feel incredible. Once I memorized everything that there was to be taught, I felt relieved and proud. The only thing I have lots of trouble with is sparring. I don’t really know the best tactics I can use in all scenarios. This is where my downfall is. I don’t really get the best way to fight in each possible outcome of a fight. I’m pretty nervous for black belt testing. I feel like I am prepared but I can’t say for sure, so I feel like my fears will become my greatest downfall. Other than that I believe that once I get black belt I will finally have an amazing one in a life time achievement. All in all, Receiving black belt is an outstanding honor, which should not be taken for granted. Training for this moment, I will try my hardest and will not giver up.