Black Belt to me means Dedication, Devotion, and Discipline. Dedication means that you work as hard as you can no matter the task, the time, or the place.  Devotion means that you strive and want to commit yourself to be able to work as hard as you can to achieve any goal you want to achieve. It means that you are calm and controlling of yourself, understanding and listening to do what someone tells you wherever the place.  Dedication of all these skills  together is what it means to me, what a blackbelt is.

Dedication is a very hard thing to master for anyone, but on the road to a black belt you can find what it truly means to you.  Becoming a Black Belt means you have to commit yourself to more dedication than ever before.  Driving yourself to go to learn as much as you can and outperform.  No matter what the cost is, you keep performing at your peak.  Not even people who are dragging you down telling you that you’re not good enough or for you to quit, you just have to push them aside, and continue to your goal; to achieve true dedication.

Devotion is something that is absent from most people’s lives, wanting to always put something on hold, or to do something later.  For one to have devotion you have to strive to do anything you can, to reach your goal no matter if it takes days, months, or even years. To continue what you’re doing no matter what happens.  Even if you have to work yourself as hard as you ever had to commit to a goal you do it and do it with passion.

Discipline can be almost impossible to achieve.  Being able to understand, and complete tasks from your instructors to the tee may seem impossible.  If you truly want to achieve a goal and learn everything from your instructor, practicing and performing it 1,000 times over is true Discipline.  Being able to work with your peers at maximum efficiency, and being able to learn something so well you can do it in your sleep is truly being able to understand and listen to your instructor.  Disciplining yourself to always be the best you can be, and performing all your tasks with maximum efficiency and effectiveness is a recipe for success.  Being able to Discipline yourself to the best you can be is what it means to outperform and excel at any task that is thrown at you.

When you combine all of these skills together it can put you at the top.  You can become the best out of all of your peers. Being able to use all these abilities in real life and  to perform with them and to excel at anything using them is true mastery.  When you combine your Dedication, Devotion, and discipline to become the best you can be, that is what it means to be a Black Belt.