My name is Gavinn Ford.  I started karate at Amerikick Northeast Philadelphia school in November 2017. I knew from the moment I received my white belt that I wanted to be a black belt. I did a minimum of two classes per week to advance to the next belt to reach my goal of becoming a black belt.  Even during 2020 I stayed focused and committed by doing classes via zoom and Amerikick university. I have participated in many tournaments. I have sparred agented many different teammates and won many medals. I have trained really hard physically and mentally to get to this point. It took four years to get from my white belt to hopefully black belt. Being a black belt to me means working as hard as i can and strong as i can every time i step onto mat. Becoming a black belt has taught me if you mess up, move on and forget your mistakes and keep going. My senseis  have taught me self defense but not to use it if I’m in danger and I have too. I have learned to try not to be negative towards others.  The color of someone’s belt doesn’t mean anything but the person who is wearing it does.

Over the last four years I have learned many different katas and self defense techniques from white belt to red belt. I am excited to join the senior classes. I also have many many friendships at Amerikick. I couldn’t have done this without the help of all the senseis at Amerikick. I couldn’t have done this without the help and support of my mom and dad.  I didn’t decide yesterday I wanted to become a black belt. I have been training since 2017. I have learned discipline and how to recept others. Every belt I advanced to felt great to be that much closer to a black belt. I remember starting in class being line 5 and here I am today on line 1. Having the lower belts look up to me as a role model in class is a great feeling. I can’t wait for the day they  call me Sensi Gavinn. Training for my black belt has been very challenging but worth every second. Karate has taught me to stay focused. There are lots of details with chambers and stances and tight fists. I feel like karate has made me more mature than my non karate friends. When i was a blue belt I did amerikick three at my school Nazareth Academy Grade School talent show and that took a lot of courage. I also perform a routine I made up with my bow staff. I would like to thank all my senseis for helping me train and I would also like

To thank everyone else who helped me get  to this point. I am looking forward to continuing my journey at amerikick northeast Philadelphia.