To me becoming a black belt signify hard work and determination. I started karate when I was six years old, I learned all of my katas, self-defense techniques and sparring techniques. During my years of karate I spent time practicing with weapons such as Bo Staff, Kamas and Swords. During my years of practicing karate I was able to expand my skills with weapons. Once I became a 3rd kyu brown belt I worked hard to become a 2nd kyu brown belt, then a red belt and finally a black belt.

Becoming a black belt would make me happy because it signify that all of my hard work was not in vain. After obtaining my black belt I will always remember that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities”. To me a black belt also means that I have achieved greatness. In order for one to obtain a black belt, one has to have patience, determination, drive and good health. Black belt requires patience and determination; I started as a white belt, I worked hard over the years, I made progress through the years; I’ve obtained my different ranks and different color belts while working towards my goal of becoming a black belt.

Black belt also signify good health, one has to remain in good health when practicing karate; black belt testing will definitely test one’s physical abilities. Obtaining my black belt would signal greatness to me; because I will be held at a

higher level and higher standards when practicing karate. I am very excited to be a black belt candidate and promise to always practice my craft, remain focus and also to maintain my dedications to the task. As a black belt, I feel secure in my craft and my abilities to defend myself from harm. As a junior black belt I will have the knowledge and the skills that are required to safely and effectively defend myself if I ever found myself in a dangerous situation.

To me a black belt also signify time. One will not become an expert black belt if they do not make time to practice their craft. In order for one to become an expert black belt, one must practice their craft every day in order for you to have the abilities to expand their skills. The more time that one spend practicing their martial arts skills; one will have a better quality of skills.

To me a black belt also signify a winner. When I receive my black belt it will make me feel like I am a winner. After receiving my black belt; I will wear it every day. A black belt to me also signify leadership; after receiving my black belt I will become a leader. As a leader there is no space or time to play around. When one becomes a leader; one must be dedicated to their craft and one must have the ability to lead its team to victory.