I received my black belt in 2017 and I’ve learned a lot of things since then. I was about 12 when I got my black belt and now I’m 16 testing for my 1st degree. When I got the belt I thought I was the man and thought I finally made it up there. I thought the color of the belt determines how good of a fighter a person is, but that isn’t the case. I learned that the color of the belt doesn’t tell you how good of a fighter someone is, it’s how much he trains and how healthy the person is. Any person can beat a black belt if they train every day and exercise everyday. If a person is not taking care of their health then they won’t get that far. You need to be healthy if you want to be a good martial artist or even a decent one. That is what my sensi always tell the class. He wants us to be healthy all the time. A thing I learned is that the belt doesn’t make the man, the man makes the belt. To me that means that anybody can get a black if they just remember a few words and katas, but a true black belt puts in more effort and sweetness into everything they do. True black belts never give up and will always get up if they fall. That’s what I’ve learned being a black belt. Another thing I learned is being a black belt doesn’t make you stuck up or cocky and rude to the other color belts. I’ve thought black belts will be a little rude to the others because they think they know it all. That’s not the case, a good black belt helps everyone no matter the color of their belt. I’ve had little kids come up to me and ask me to help with their katas or to give them advice on a move they are trying to do. I’ve made friends with other black belts and all of them are like brothers to me. Black belts are just one big family and nothing is better than family. Ever since I got my black belt I would see little kids look at me and ask how I got it and if I think they can have one too. I always tell them you can have one just like me, but only if you put in the effort. Effort is another thing I learned. When I was a color I didn’t put too much effort in things and just went with the flow. Now that I’m a black belt i came to realize that everything in life needs effort in it no matter what it is and i think any black belt can tell you that effort is a big thing. I’ve learned so much ever since I got my black belt back in 2017 and made new friends with other black belts. All I can say is that being a black belt is fun.