A Black Belt is a great achievement which requires a lot of hard work. A Black Belt must have Determination, Self-Control, Focus, Perseverance, Modesty, Attitude and Honesty.

Determination means to push yourself hard beyond your limits and to work hard to achieve goals. I am determined to obtain a Black Belt. I have worked very hard obtaining a Yellow Belt, an Orange Belt, a Purple Belt, a Blue Belt, a Green Belt, a Brown Belt, a Brown Belt 2nd degree and a Red Belt. Once I obtain my Junior Black Belt, I am determined to obtain a Senior Black Belt and then a First Degree Black Belt.

Self-Control is very important for a Black Belt. You must always keep yourself calm and under control and you should always try hard not to get stressed or angry and lose your Self-Control. You must always keep you kicks and punches under Control. You need to keep your body balanced and under control. If a bully forces you into a fight, you need to stay under control.  Once you are safe and the bully stops being aggressive, you should no longer fight with them.

Focus is an important part of becoming a Black Belt and all Black Belts must have Focus. During classes, I try hard to Focus on what the Sanseis are teaching me. I want to learn my Katas and Self Defense moves in addition to the proper ways to train and spar. If you do not Focus, you will not be the best you can be, and you will not become a Black Belt.

Perseverance is also a major part of what a Black Belt means to me. You will come across many issues that may delay you obtaining your Black Belt, but you must not quit and fight hard to continue your training. For Example, Covid-19 affected everyone, and it would have been easy to just quit my training, but I persevered through it and kept training online until we were able to get back into the classes. A Black Belt must have Perseverance.

Modesty is also important to becoming a Black Belt and defining how a Black Belt should act around other people. You should not brag to your friends or classmates that you are a Black Belt, and you should not look to fight others to show how good you are at fighting. A Black Belt must be modest and only fight to defend yourself or your friends.

Attitude is important to becoming a Black Belt. You should not be rude or act like you are better than other people, but you do want to be strong, confident and smart. Look people in the eyes when talking to them. Stand straight up with your shoulders back. Speak in a strong loud voice so people can hear you and always show respect to people. Look strong, feel strong and act strong.

Honesty could be the most important aspect of a Black Belt. Be true to yourself and always tell the truth. If you say you did a backflip but really didn’t, you are lying and bragging about a lie. The only person you hurt is yourself. A Black Belt deserves respect and you do not respect someone who lies, so be Honest.

That is what a Black Belt means to me, and I look forward to taking my test, giving it 100% and showing what skills I have learned through my training.