I have learned that it takes effort to do well in school, sports, and life. My hard work in karate has helped me to achieve my black belt. It takes effort for me to get up each day to go to school and try my best. I want to try my best at all the sports I play because I want to achieve the win and the respect of others and most importantly my self-improvement.

My ongoing physical training has helped me to stay in better physical condition. I have also had the opportunity to learn new things in karate to continue with my physical conditioning. I have had a chance to learn new weapons and katas. I learned new self-defense techniques. Keeping up with my physical conditioning has helped me to feel better about myself and it pushes me to do better. Wanting to do better helps me to feel better about myself. It pushed me to make better decisions about how I treat others and myself. I focus on my health and physical fitness. I take pride in my appearance and how I present myself to others. I try to eat better. I try to speak nicely to others and do things to be helpful. I also try to keep a positive attitude in my other sports, basketball, and soccer. I am always prepared to play and try my best. I encourage my teammates and friends to try their best and push themselves to try harder.

During this time, I have also been working on being a better friend, teammate, and classmate. I have had a chance to work with people who have helped me develop my skill level in class. People have pushed me to continue to pursue getting my senior black belt. People have helped me perfect my techniques. I have worked on being a better friend by encouraging others. I have stood up for my teammates on the field. I have helped my classmates in school when they have forgotten things or needed help with assignments. I have helped friends stand up to bullies and accepted them when others would not.

Since receiving my black belt my attitude has changed in many ways. I feel more mature. I do not get angry if someone makes fun of me. I don’t cry if someone makes fun of me. I can stand up for myself. I speak for myself. I have my own mind and opinion and I am ok expressing it. I am also ok if others do not like because I respect that they have a different opinion. I try not to let people make me feel bad about myself. I am able to push through challenges with schoolwork and not give up. I am also able to ask for help if I need it.

The most important thing I have learned is patience. I have been studying karate since three years old. It has taken me over ten years to receive my senior black belt. I have had to patience with myself and the process. I realized practice is important and necessary. I must be persistent with my training. I must give good effort. I have a good attitude. I must have patience.