A lot has changed since I have received my black belt, the whole world went into lock down and my whole world turned around, but somehow through all of that I managed to keep my head high and move forward with the world. I had become a black belt so I could teach kids and show them my passion, I had learned karate so I could be strong both physically and mentaly, come to think of it, anybody else would have given up and stayed in one place and watch the world go by without them whenever they got pushed down. Since becoming a black belt I have learned that if the world pushes you down then you get back up and shove back even harder. Other things that I have learned since becoming a black belt is being brave and confident, learning that life isn’t always easy and learning to fight for what I believe in. Karate taught me that I have to be brave and be confident by showing me that I may not be able to do a 540 or a backflip, I still have a hard time doing a forward roll and cartwheels, but I can punch really hard, I can be very loud, and I am pretty good at nunchucks. While I may not be the best on my black belt demo team, or the strongest kicker in my class, or the smartest kid in my normal school classes, it doesn’t matter what I can’t do but more importantly what I can do and how good I can do it. Karate has taught me to be confident in my self no matter what I can and can’t do, and it taught me to be brave because the world is going to be hard on you, so don’t be scared to be hard on it. Karate has also taught me to fight for what I believe in, as a kid it is hard for me to have a say in things, but karate has taught me that since there are so many people out there that I may be talked over.   Now I know what you are thinking, “How can karate teach you to fight for what you believe in?” well i’ll tell you, in karate you yell, when you yell other people are yelling so it is hard to hear yourself in the crowd of kids screaming, but if you yell harder and louder than everyone else then you will be able to be heard. Taking that and evolving it into the real world might be hard and that is true, but if you are really strong and loud about your opinion then eventually someone will hear you and then join in so everyone can hear you and be one yell, just like karate. Lastly but most importantly karate has taught me to be myself no matter what anyone else says I should be. Karate taught me that being myself is the most important thing in the world, because in karate not everyone can kick at the same height, not everyone can scream loudly for everyone to hear, not everyone can remember all the moves, and not everyone can do karate. I have a couple of friends from school that have tried karate but gave up because they thought that they couldn’t do it and didn’t have that potential. They sadly didn’t know that not everyone is born a karate master, we all have to work to hit our goal, they quit because it wasn’t easy for them at the beginning, and I’m not gonna lie it was extremely hard in the beginning but at the same time nothing is easy at the beginning. Not all stories start all happy, not all heroes journeys have an easy final battle. Everyone is unique at certain sports, people have their strengths and people have their weaknesses, and as people we are supposed to grow and not shrink. But you can’t always start off easy and that is what karate has taught me. Karate has been a huge part of my life ever since I walked on that mat for the very first time. I wish that one day I will be the best karate teacher ever. But until then I can only remember what karate has taught me, which is to be brave and confident, how to fight for what I believe in, and that not everything is going to be easy in life.