I should show honesty and respect to everybody and be nice.  A black belt takes lots of responsibility like teaching a class.  It takes writing an essay, practicing thirty push ups non stop, fifty lunges, fifty squats, and techniques and a whole lot more.  I should do my katas nice, not sloppy. I should not get distracted or talk to anyone else when a sensei is talking.  I must be loud and strong, not low and looking at the floor. I have come so far from learning a front kick to almost getting a black belt. It is such a big step forward. It’s like being one year old and having a career. For my whole life I have wanted to be a sensei and here is my chance to do that. When I tried to learn to do my sword flip and I thought I would never do it then boom I flicked on like a light switch now I feel I have conquered the sword flip. I can’t wait to test. It is so exciting because this means a lot. All the work I have done so far has been for this moment. I practice every day. It is a lot of work. I think being a black belt is cool at least in my opinion they are.  It is hard to spar but during the test I’m gonna do the best I can, and with everything else, I think I will be fine hopefuly. But I think the 30 pushups is a huge challenge. I practice all the time so when I test I am the strongest I can be. Every day I think of the testing. I’m scared to test but I will accept the challenge. I go to the studio every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Those days I do not one, but two classes. This experience is teaching me how to set short and long term goals. I like how it makes me feel when I reach and accomplish my goals. I thank my parents for showing us the studio and signing us up for karate. Amarikick is keeping us all healthy and we show our parents our katas and techniques, so we are strong when we do testing. I look up to sensei Mike because he has a lot of patience and he always makes class fun and enjoyable and he always has a smile on his face. You can tell he loves what he does. I look up to Sensei Brad because he is our main instructor for demo and he inspires me to one day teach class as well as he does. Sensei John because I want to be able to jump as high as he can and he is good at making us get our katas and techniques down properly so they are nice when we do them. Sensei John and Sherry because they opened up the studio and I would not be here if the studio was not opened. After this I will not be done setting goals yet. After I achieve this goal I’ll set a new one getting my senior black belt. I can’t wait.